Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How Did I Get On This Planet ...

Love Someone
It Doesn't Matter If You Suffer 
It Doesn't Matter If You Cry 
It Doesn't Matter If You Fight .

Because In The End You'll Be Able To Say 
"I Suffered, I Cried , I Fought."
But I Loved You .

Sweet Dreams (Avicii Swede Dreams Mix)

Fear and Loathing at Art Basel

Falling Down Ft. Kenzie May (Original)

Lights (AFK And DKS Remix)


Night By Night (NEUS Dubstep Remix)

Ruckus The Jam (Original Mix)

Take Care (Grimey Bastard Remix)

Caddy Da Don ft. Future - Coockamonga (Remix)

Crooked I ft. K Young - Diamond In The Back

Have A Good One