Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daily AedioN Drops Random Ipod Playlist

This happens to be one of my favorite tracks that peace treaty was a part of and that why i am a peace treaty fan along with Cal State Anthem And Funeral - "80"

Some Skrillex Remix I Have On My Ipod I Thought You Might Enjoy . - "80"

This Goes Out To All The New Ravers .. Alot Of Different Artist Out There Dropping Good Stuff This Is A Steve Aoki Feat Sidney Samson - Wake Up (Peace Treaty Remix)

Some More Harvard Bass For You Peace Treaty Fans Out There I'm Just Glad At EDC They Played Peace Treaty Remix's .. Good Job Guys .. - "80"

And This One Goes Out To That Distant Girl ...I Hope Your Feeling Better ...Enjoy The Song ..Again Frank Did Wonders To My Headphones ...I Can Definetly Vibe With This One...The Lyrics Really Smooth In This One - "80"

This One Goes Out To My Pure Hearts ..I Love Ya'll Awooga Beyond Wonderland Epic .Stay Forever Young . - "80"

Sometimes Some Chill Music Is Needed No Lyrics But Happy Vibe ..So If Your Feeling Down and Lookin For A Pick Me Up ..Then This Song Wont Work If You Let It ...It Just Might ...Enjoy The P.L.U.R Vibes - "80"

Natalia Kills This Dubstep With A Combo Of Peace Treaty ..Apparently Today Im A Big Fan Of Them .. Just Enjoy ..Sickest Line In This Song " Who Needs True Love As Long As You Love Me Truly "..- "80"